Saturday, February 10, 2007

Week 6: Lesbia Respondet--paene

Imagine Lesbia responding to Catullus' Carmen 70. And then, write a 4 line Latin poem as Lesbia's response to him and to that particular poem. Follow these guidelines.

1) Yes, in Latin.
2) 4 lines
3) Each line has 11 syllables (aiming for Hendecasyllable, but I am not requiring that your 11 syllable line conform entirely to the meter. If you can get the first three syllables to be long, that would be a start. The bottom line, though, is 11 syllables. Don't forget to make use of elision and word choices to make the syllables work.
4) These 4 lines are Lesbia's response to Catullus 70.
5) Most important part: have fun!